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Sillakas is located in a beautiful place surrounded by forest, Cesis District near Raunas river. For more than ten years, the owners receive guests; the fish are bred in ponds and welcomes anglers to rest. Sillakas offer fishing, buy and taste the fish, hold a party, an overnight stay at the guest house and take bathhouse. In five of the eleven Sillakas fish ponds fisherman can catch trout, carp, cat fish, sturgeon, and char. Your fishes cook will prepare for you by smoking or boiling of fish soup. We kindly offer guests a tour of the trout farm, where you can see it as a fish grows from a small to a several kilograms large beauty. Sillakas is not only a paradise for anglers, but a great place for small parties (up to 45 guests), as well as conferences and seminars. Guests can stay in a cozy and comfortable guest house with six facilitated rooms.


Caught fish can not be dismissed

Prohibited reside in the territory with animals

From water fish tank can be pulled out only with grid

Caught fish kill

Reserve beforehand

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